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Born at the tail of the baby boom, James was introduced to drawing and painting and making films at an early age by his parents. Now, nearly 60 years later, he still occasionally sketches and paints but for the most part uses computer graphics programs for image creation. His favorite programs are Blender, GIMP, Poser, and Vue. He currently lives in a small town in New Jersey, sharing his space with two cats and a human female.
I have been creating 360 degree panoramic images from previous render subjects, mostly for myself, as DA doesn't support them (while I can publish them here they don't look like panoramic images so what would be the point?).  I love the 360 degree panoramic images because it's as if you are standing in a world, you can look around in a way that's missing from the subject-focused images I usually create.

Anyway, I have this image of women sunbathing beside a pool which I thought might make a good 360 degree panoramic image, on one side of the women there's a wall that stops Vie from trying to render all the way to the horizon, and there's a crude motel model that stops Vue from trying to render all the way to the horizon on the other side.  I figured I would put the camera over one of the women, when you looked down you would see her, and when you looked out you would see the pool and motel, the wall and some tree tops, and her fellow sunbathers, depending on which way you looked.

But it took a while to find the Vue file (in fact I haven't yet found it) and I started to think about an incident from my past where a  companion dujour made a demand and what the view was like, a much more erotic image then mere sun bathers.  But to do a 360 degree panoramic I'd have to build a complete environment around her, plus locate the file that had her avatar in it (she has appeared in an image already), etc., because most environments are build are more like sets than worlds, with doors and windows that open upon nothing and only exist as ways to mange lighting.

And then I decided that the image might be too erotic for my tastes, and then I was reminded of a time with a different companion dujour where a pillow was deployed to erotic effect.  Well I have some static pillow models in my Poser runtime, and it's pretty easy to bend them, but then I thought that perhaps a stuffed animal might be better, perhaps because I modeled one long ago and it hasn't really been used in ages.

And that's when Inspiration beat me about my head and face until I submitted, and gave me the idea for an image, one that I thought was so good that it I would almost happily model an environment.

So think of a future where there is space travel and itinerant workers.  These workers are highly trained (it is space after all), but are performing more mundane tasks.  They have their own small habitats, basically a container with life support, toilet and cooking facilities, in which they live while on a job.  The habitats are hooked up to a transport vessel and hauled to the work site (generally a station of some sort), so they have to be able to function either in zero-G or in gravity, and have to conform to certain standards for hook-up.  So then I started modeling the thing, and the airlock it is connected to.  And here are some images of the modeling WIP, created using a virtual camera with a 15mm lens:

OldToysNewTricks-3-Cam7-001 by James-Is-James OldToysNewTricks-3-Cam6-002 by James-Is-James OldToysNewTricks-3-Cam12-001 by James-Is-James OldToysNewTricks-4-Cam12-002 by James-Is-James

Alas, all this detail and virtually none of it is going to be visible in the image I'll eventually end up rendering and posting to DA (but the 360 degree panorama will be magnificent). So if I want to share, I'll need to make more images, give the character a back story, flesh out what she does, etc., so I may end up with a series of images.

And that's a glimpse of my creative process.
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  • Eating: Dead Things
  • Drinking: something alcoholic.

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